Business Manager To oversee and manage the business team who are responsible for all financial aspects of the show

  • 1. The Business Manager (BM) is the chair of the WFGS Show Committee, which is a sub-committee of the WFS District Executive Committee (DEC).

    2. The BM is appointed as a co-opted member of the WFS DEC, and is responsible for ensuring that quarterly and end of year financial records are submitted to WFS DEC.

    3. The BM shall be a good leader, is organised and can communicate clearly.

    4. The BM is supported by the Show Committee which comprises of Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity and Advertising, Front of House (FOH) Manager, Catering Manager, Box Office Manager and WFS Gang Show Active Support Unit Liaison.

    5. The BM is responsible for ensuring the show does not run at a financial loss and that the show runs to budget.

    6. The BM is responsible for the hire of the venues for both show week and rehearsals.

    7. The BM is responsible for ensuring appropriate insurance cover is in place both during show week and throughout the year as necessary.

    8. The BM must liaise with the Show Coordinator on all aspects of the production pertaining to show week.

    9. The BM is responsible for working jointly with the WFS Gang Show Active Support Unit liaison on fund raising initiatives.

    10. Arrangements for the Programme, Posters, Flyers, Tickets, Ticket Order Form Printing.

    11. The BM should ensure the public has an enjoyable and positive experience when visiting the Show Venue. In accordance with the Stage Performance Toolkit assessment criteria, working with the Business Team to create a performance that is public performance ready as a minimum, aiming for best practice.

    12. The BM shall liaise with the Director, WFS DEC, GLNE and/or LOB Counties (as applicable).

Cast Coordinator To be point of contact between production team and parents of cast members and ensuring cast welfare throughout the rehearsals and show week

  • 1. Has a duty of care for all cast whilst involved in the show.

    2. Will record the Cast Information.

    3. Supports the smooth running of rehearsals, encouraging cast attendance and liaising with parents and cast where needed.

    4. Provides notices to cast.

    5. The Cast Coordinator reports to the Director.

Wardrobe Manager To manage our wardrobe team is all aspects of the costume design & production and to organise and oversee the dressing rooms during show week

    1. Is responsible for costume design, working to agreed budget and sourcing and provision of costume as required.
    2. The Wardrobe Manager coordinates the dressing room team during show week.
    3. The Wardrobe Manager reports to the Director.

Conductor To lead our band and cast in the run up to the show and during show week

  • Conducting the band and cast during some rehearsals and show week. 


Publicity and Advertising Organising the external communications liaising with the press and sourcing programme sponsors to support the show financially

  • 1. Organises item sponsorship, adverts for programme, estate boards.

    2. Liaises with local press/media.

    3. Liaises closely with Programme and Advertising Design.

    4. The Publicity and Advertising Manager reports to the Business Manager.